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Thanks to all the many kind words and encouragement I’ve received from all of you, I’ve decided to launch this website with hopes that it will be a place to showcase my photographic work, share my thoughts and give me a platform to expand this passion I have.  I plan to periodically update it with not only new photos, but also with blog posts, articles and news about my photographic wanderings and efforts.

In order to harness the power of social media and to keep this website from being lost in cyberspace, I’ve also created a Facebook page for the site.  Please connect with me there if you haven’t already by clicking this link and clicking on “like” on my Facebook page?  (Or you can click on “like” in the facebook widget at the bottom of this page too)  I will be posting any changes to the website there, to make it easier to follow.  And by all means, please help me build the site’s network by sharing it with all your friends, family and colleagues!

And finally, since I am by no means a Web Guru, could I ask you all to help me test the site and report any problems you will surely see with it in the “Comments & Feedback” box below?

Once again, thank you all for the encouragement and motivation to take this small step.


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  • mirellium


    Hi Scott, What a great photograpy! And also an amazing website. I feel like checking it every day! Well-done! Greetings from the south of Poland, Mirella P.S. It was so nice to chat (when in ComArch )with you and Cynthia. I hope you are well and still enjoying Kraków!

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