About Scott

“Inside you there’s an artist you don’t know about… say yes quickly, if you know, if you’ve known it from before the beginning of the universe.”- Rumi

I suspect what Rumi said was true, and while I’m no poet, I do believe that most people need to find a way to give that inner artist inside them a voice, canvas, space to dance, or in my case a Nikon.  And in my opinion, paraphrasing some other more eloquent artist than myself, it’s not the destination (or the end-result) but rather the journey itself that matters.  As an American ex-pat living in Krakow, Poland for over the past six years, I’ve had plenty of opportunities for artistic expression as I discover new places, new people, new cultures and new things about myself.

I was lucky because I grew up learning not only the art of photography from my very talented father, but also gaining a deep appreciation for the natural world around me as well as the self-confidence and hunger to explore it.  While I’m most content in nature photography, I am eager to find potential stories waiting to be told in any potential composition.

My foray into photography has also recently led me to a fascination with viewing and capturing the world in wavelengths of light foreign to human eyes: Infrared Photography.  I invite you to browse through my gallery of infrared photos and see what the world looks like illuminated only by light that is inperceivable, except through a specially modified digital SLR camera.

I am open to opportunities for cooperating on any type of project and invite you to contact me for more details or if you are interested in purchasing any of the images displayed here.